Applications Of Metabolomics In Agriculture And Industry

With the availability of Omics data originating from sequencing of the plant genomes, Biological systems are extremely complicated and knowledge about the synthesis and regulation of various plant metabolic substances has enhanced substantially. Metabolic profiling of crops is popular for assessing plant phenotypes and the genetic diversity. The ability to recognize & analyse small metabolites within any type of biological sample provides valuable insights on the cellular interactions that are occurring at a certain point in time. Such information has growing gaintful application for disease diagnosis, drug development, product safety, food production, plant yield and environmental monitoring.

  • From experimental design to knowledge extraction
  • Green systems biology from single genomes
  • Genetic analysis of metabolome
  • Plant metabolomics
  • Identification of toxins and pollutants
  • Microbial metabolomics
  • Plant-pathogen interaction metabolomics
  • Effects of genetic and environmental perturbations on metabolite levels and fluxes
  • Phytochemicals in plants

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