Cancer Metabolomics

Cancer is a devastating disease that alters the metabolism of a cell and the surrounding milieu. Metabolomics has a great and largely untapped potential in the field of oncology and the analysis of the cancer metabolome to identify biofluid markers and druggable targets. The recent studies in metabolomics  have a better understanding of metabolism of cancer and  how cancer cells use glycolysis, known as the “Warburg effect,”  to produce the nucleotides,  lipids and amino acids necessary for tumour proliferation and vascularization. Recently Metabolomics research  discover diagnostic cancer biomarkers in the clinic,  to discover pathways involved in cancer, to monitor metabolic biomarkers during therapeutic intervention and to understand its complex heterogeneous nature for new targets.

  • Role of NMR based metabolomics in Cancer
  • Cancer metabolism meets systems biology
  • Gene therapy
  • Active immunotherapies
  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Metabolic profiling in cancer
  • Applications of metabolomics in oncology
  • Applications of metabolomics in oncology and biomarker discovery
  • Metabolite platform for robust validation of biomarkers

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