Clinical and Precision Medicine Metabolomics

Metabolomics is being used to interpret disease mechanisms, diagnose disease, recognize novel drug targets, improve drug treatments and monitor beneficial outcomes. Treatment decisions are based on the clinical stage of disease but fail to ascertain the individual ´s underlying biology and its role in driving malignancy. The identification of better therapies is thus limited by the lack of sufficient data regarding the characterization of specific biochemical signatures. Metabolomics approaches promise a better understanding of  a disease characterized by significant alterations in bioenergetic metabolism, by identifying changes in the pattern of metabolite expression in addition to changes in the concentration of individual metabolites as well as alterations in biochemical pathways. These approaches hold the potential of identifying novel biomarkers with different clinical applications. Translational Biomarker Discovery Core fuse recognizing, supporting and making pre-clinical biomarkers for working up the region of illness. The new field of precision medicine is transforming current medical practice and even reshaping future medicine.

  • Regenerative medicine and predictive medicine
  • Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmacometabolomics and precision medicine
  • Precision medicine for mental disorders
  • Clinical applications of metabolomics in diabetes treatment
  • Clinical risk prediction using metabolomics
  • Personalized medicine
  • Metabonomics in clinical pharmaceutical R&D

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