Clinical Metabolomics and Lipidomics

Metabolomics, including the subfield of lipidomics, involve the analysis of endogenous biomolecules in complex biological matrices. Lipids are the important participant in control and regulation of cellular function. The range of chemical structure of these lipids is a major challenge for managing high volumes of compound data. Lipidomics is a growing field with numerous applications for analysing different cell types. Identification of lipid composition and quantification of cellular lipids gives us details about the lipid related pathway which also helps in identification of metabolic pathways and the effected enzymes. Metabolomics and lipidomics, pronounced mechanical assemblies in systems science, screening little metabolites present in natural illustrations. Contrasts in the species or measures of metabolites can be used to depict phenotypes and common responses to inconveniences.

  • Molecular biological profiling
  • Translational biomarker discovery
  • Metabolic interactions
  • Clinical applications of metabolomics
  • Metabolomics and mass spectrometry
  • Mass spec in Clinical Microbiology
  • Forensic analysis

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