Food and Drug delivery systems

Foodomics contains the combination of biological sciences, food chemistry and data analysis. The food metabolomics is also known as foodomics. Food-omics applications include the genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomicsstudy of foods for compound profiling, authenticity, biomarker-detection related to food quality or safety and the development of new transgenic foods. Recently food-omics have enabled nutrition and food domains through the application of advanced omics technologies in which Mass spectroscopy techniques are considered necessary. Researches are being done to understand the effects of gene-food interaction on human health (Nutrigenomics).With the help of systems biology research, nutrigenetics describes the  whole body responds to food. New drug delivery approaches have been receiving significant attention. Metabolomics play a vital role in the prediction of drug’s effects on the body by explaining the mechanisms by which drug response causes adverse effects.

  • Food Metabolome
  • Food and nutritional metabolomics
  • Applications of metabolomics to food processing
  • Potential of Diagnosis and Biomarkers
  • Drug Target Identification and Validation
  • ADMET Screening
  • Challenges of Pharmetabolomics
  • Applications in Clinical Studies

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