Metabolic Modelling and Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology will revolutionize how we conceive and approach the engineering of biological systems. The vision and applications of this emerging field will influence many other scientific and engineering disciplines, as well as affect various aspects of daily life and society. This aims to create novel biological functions and systems not found in nature by combining biology with engineering. The workflow of the development of novel cell factories with synthetic biology is ideally linear which will be attainable with the quantitative engineering approach, high-quality predictive models, and libraries of well-characterized parts. Many metabolites and enzymes, metabolic models, metabolism and its components are useful in synthetic biology workflow. The spirit of genetic engineering to focus on whole systems of genes and gene products is extended by synthetic biology which analyzes biological organisms in their entirety.

  • Metabolic flux analysis and metabolic models
  • Metabolic network simulation
  • Genome-scale modelling & flux balance analysis
  • Genetic architecture of human metabolome
  • In silico design of novel pathways
  • Signal transduction
  • Computational data analysis in metabolomics
  • Metabolite biomarker testing and clinical translation

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