Metabolomics & biotechnology

Biotechnology, including genetic modification, is a very principle approach to regulate the production of  metabolites in plants to improve their adaptation to environmental stress, to increase crop yield and to improve food quality. Metabolomics plays a key role in plant molecular biotechnology, where plant cells are modified by the expression of engineered genes, because we can obtain information on the metabolic status of cells via a snapshot of their metabolome. By concentrate the total arrangement of metabolites inside a microorganism and checking its correlation between its advancement forms and the earth, metabolomics can conceivably give a more precise photo of the actual physiological condition of the cell. Microbial metabolomics has gotten much consideration as of late essentially in light of the fact that it backings and supplements an extensive variety of microbial research zones from new medication disclosure aspires to metabolic building.

  • Application of microbial metabolomics
  • Microbial metabolomics with higher throughput
  • Custom made separation for microbial metabolomics

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