Metabolomics in Drug Discovery

Metabolomics can be used to facilitate lead compound discovery, to improve biomarker identification and to monitor drug metabolism and toxicity including the use of metabolomics to facilitate clinical trial testing and to improve post-approval drug monitoring. Recent advances in metabolomics technologies are growing number of mainstream biomedical applications and metabolomic devices. Metabolomics provides chemical snapshot of a cell in terms of molecular components of specific cellular processes. It’s a way to compare cells under different conditions such as healthy versus diseased. Diseases results in metabolic changes. Metabolomics is being used in Drug Discovery and in development from lead compound discovery to post approval drug surveillance. A consequence of disease leads to metabolic changes which causes disease advancement. Metabolomics can help in finding potential new sites for therapeutic intervention by identifying metabolic changes and provide activity information about possible novel drugs and drug scaffolds, indicate interesting targets for drug development, suggests binding partners of compounds. Furthermore, it can enhance the discovery and testing of new drugs and provide insight into the on- and off-target effects of drugs.

  • Toxicology and drug metabolism
  • QSAR and ligand-receptor models
  • Drug metabolism during drug design and development
  • Metabolites in identification of drug targets
  • Metabonomics in preclinical pharmaceutical discovery and development
  • Applications in drug development

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